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Cookies help us remember you and your preferences

Cookies Used
By Our Website

We use cookies for several purposes. They enable us to keep you safe when you log in to your online account, provide online account application forms, track the number of visitors to our website and learn more about how individuals use our products and services.

The cookies on our website:

  • Do not keep any personally identifying information or passwords on your computer.
  • Do not allow us to access additional information on your computer.
  • Do not keep any personal information about yourself that others could decipher or risk your security in any manner.
  • Allow us to monitor the number of visitors accessing our websites and their activity.
  • Allow us to track how users find our site (for example, by searching for "HSL Management" on a search engine or clicking on a link from an email we transmit).
  • Allow us to collect technical data about visitors to our website, such as their geographic location and the browsers they use.
  • Allow us to display advertisements on other websites for users who have visited ours before.
  • Allow us to publish content on our websites that is more relevant to you and your preferences based on the data we collect and your online behavior.
  • Allow our website to remember some settings and preferences so that you may use them more easily.

Types Of
Cookies Used

Session cookies are stored on the user's device for a limited time and then discarded when the browser is closed. They are used on the HSL Management website to remember data that is useful for the browsing session, such as language preferences.

Persistent cookies, unlike session cookies, are not discarded when the browser is closed. Instead, they are retained until they expire on a set date or after a predetermined amount of time. They are scheduled to expire after 24 hours and are used to remember the location preference on the HSL Management website.

Third-party services receive and install cookies on the user's device. Examples of third-party services include Google Analytics, Google Maps, YouTube, and several news sources, including The Financial Times and Bloomberg.

We employ a range of cookies to improve the security of our services and to ensure you receive the greatest user experience on our website. We do not use cookies to monitor your internet activity after you leave our website. We do not retain personal information in cookies others might read and utilize.

How We Classify
The Cookies We Use

The International Chamber of Commerce developed a categorization system that we utilize. This enables us to categorize the numerous cookies we employ on our website and provide additional information about their purpose.

Strictly necessary cookies are those that are required for us to deliver the services you have requested. For example, when you visit various pages within the same online browsing session, remembering data you have supplied, such as your location and language preferences.

In order to improve our website, we use performance cookies to collect information on how you use it. For example:

  • Monitoring the number of visitors and how they navigate our website.
  • Exploring what our users are interested in to provide the material and level of service they expect.
  • By measuring errors experienced by users of our websites, they may assist us to improve them.
  • Exploring alternative styles and content on our website.

Functionality cookies are typically established as a result of an activity you undertake on our website, but they may also be used to provide additional services. For example, you may save your preferences when using interactive share charts.

Promotional cookies gather data about your browsing habits in order to deliver promotions customized to your preferences and interests, as well as your IP address, which is used to pinpoint your geographic location and prevent fraud. Third-party advertising networks are generally the ones who make use of them. They monitor the websites you visit, and this data is shared with third parties, such as media firms.

This is performed to achieve customized advertisements more suited to your needs and interests. This type of advertising may involve online behavioral advertising based on your browser history and targeting you depending on the pages of our website you have visited.

We may occasionally use this type of cookie on our website to provide promotions that are relevant to you. Promotional cookies can also be used to track the effectiveness of a campaign and to limit how often you view it.

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. ("Google"). The cookies used by Google Analytics are the third-party cookies previously stated, and they let us monitor how you use our websites. Google will receive and retain the data collected by the cookie regarding how you use our websites (including your IP address). Google will use this data to provide us with website activity statistics and other services related to website activity. For more information on how Google uses your data, please review Google's Privacy & Terms.

Your Cookies

Most web browsers feature cookie management options in their settings. You may remove existing cookies, restrict your browser from enabling new cookies, have your browser notify you when a new cookie is received, or altogether disable cookies.

Changes To This
Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to amend or add to this Cookie Policy at any time. You should bookmark and return to this page periodically to ensure that you are familiar with the latest version of this Cookie Policy and understand what cookies we use on our website.

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