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Offering unconstrained views and insights to help clients best manage their wealth

A Better Financial
Planning Experience

We opened our doors in 2007 with the core aim of offering unconstrained views and insights to help clients best manage their finances. In close to two decades, HSL Management has become one of the world’s leading financial services providers. We currently manage over $22.34 billion in assets and are continuing to grow.


* Data correct as of 14/03/2022

Our mission is to create a better financial growth experience fit for a world where digital interactions perfectly combine with human judgment to achieve something incredible. We serve all types of industries in the area of asset and finance management.

Our team's industry knowledge, talent, and passion have pushed us to continue to meet our client's needs and expectations.


At HSL Management, we work with clients from across the globe, helping individual retail and institutional clients manage their finances, assisted by our team of hand-vetted professionals.

Our independent thinking and objective advice help our clients achieve all their financial goals.

We provide our clients with a portfolio that matches their long-term goals. Our team of strategists can manage, diversify, or personalize your portfolio, as well as render advice for a wide variety of solutions.

With Us

We have a long history of creating tailor-made experiences for every one of our clients. Many of our existing clients have partnered with us for years and will continue to work with us well into the future. We believe our exceptional customer service, industry experience, and outstanding attention to detail are what keep our clients satisfied.

Our network of experts looks forward to continuing to do what they do best – dedicating themselves to professionally manage, grow, and protect your wealth.

Managing your wealth should not be a challenge

The perfect solution is out there, and it is our job to help you find it.

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