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Helping our clients achieve financial wellness

Our wide range of financial services are created to help you navigate your wealth journey.

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Manage your portfolio with our expert investment advice

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A broad range of solutions for modern businesses

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HSL Management is a multinational investment management and financial services company with office locations in Seoul, South Korea and Toronto, Canada

About HSL Management

Established in 2007, we provide investment advisory, wealth planning, and business management services to high-net-worth individual and institutional clients.

We help our clients achieve financial wellness through planning your wealth, making investments, equity planning, banking, business consulting, and more.

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We guide you through the world of investment trading and management, offering world-class research and advice at every turn

We find the right approach suited to your goals

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Our comprehensive financial planning solutions can assist you with building and sustaining your wealth in the ever-changing global markets.

Working with you always begins by understanding your ambitions and reasons for seeking a financial planning company. We know every client will have unique needs; that is why we take the time to get to know you and your current financial situation.

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Financial Markets - HSL Management


Working with you to make the best investment decisions

At HSL Management, we provide our corporate and retail clients with access to the money markets, bond markets, ownership markets, and derivative markets.

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We work with the largest equity markets in the world.


Make money on shifts in the values of currencies.


Create an income stream by trading derivatives.


We identify and obtain a diverse array of commodities.

Managing your wealth should not be a challenge

The perfect solution is out there, and it is our job to help you find it.

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HSL Management - Managing your wealth should not be a challenge